What I Learned Today – Tuesday, July 21

Idaho’s covid test rates are over 18% now.

In Texas, 1,000 dead in 10 days from covid.

Trump resumes his daily campaign rallies coronavirus briefings but without anybody from the coronavirus task force. So why did I cross out the campaign rally part.  You know he’ll spend more time attacking Biden than talking about coronavirus.

US presidential candidate Kanye West is playing his mental illness out on Twitter:

The GOP Convention (currently located in the coronavirus capital of the universe!) has hit a snag… again. The sheriff says that security is impossible at the moment because there are a lack of plans, funding, and officers. So basically, it’s a run of the mill Trump production.

Remember those two bumblefuck lawyers outside their mcmansion waving a few guns around because there were brown people outside?

Yes, them.  GI Karen and Commando Dockers!  Well, they were finally arrested for this stunt. The MO governor has said he would pardon them after he is done pumping students full of coronavirus.

German always works:

This cat is not throwing away his shot: