DeSantis Heckled Again After Sixth Straight Day of 10K+ New Infections

They should be heckling this guy 24 hours a day at this point. Their should be a crowd of people right outside the Governor’s mansion screaming at this guy and his murderous incompetence.

What I Learned Today – Monday, July 20

American tourists are now banned in the Bahamas. We are just about completely walled in now.

Most medical opinions that I have seen about mitigating the virus to allow for reopening consists of a comprehensive plan of testing and contact tracing. Without a vaccine, this is the only thing that really keeps the spread down to reopening type numbers. So of course, the White House is looking to block funds for testing and contact tracing.

Trump is still saying that the virus is just going to disappear.

A GOP adviser to TX Gov. Abbott is saying that Trump got bored with the virus so just decided to ignore it. Yeah, dude.  Most of us figured that out back in early April. Trump has the attention span of a sand flea. It was apparent that he was done with it within the first two weeks and decided to just ignore it.  Remember when he wanted to open up by Easter, April 12? And the saner voices around him managed to push him past that for another week or two. It doesn’t matter now how many people die a week now.  He’s done with it, and with all of us.


There are no ICU beds left in 49 Florida hospitals.

John Oliver on coronavirus conspiracy theories:

A math teacher has painted 45 rocks to look like books to hide in her local library (when it reopens).  These are pretty amazing.