Florida sees another coronavirus fatality record of 156 as nearly 14,000 new cases added

Record number of deaths. Record number of new hospitalizations. Near-record number of new infections.

Florida’s Department of Health on Thursday confirmed 13,965 new cases of COVID-19, the second highest single-day total recorded in the state since the pandemic began in March. The state now has a total of 315,775 confirmed cases.

There were also 156 new Florida resident deaths announced, bringing the statewide resident death toll to 4,677.

Meanwhile, this Florida Man state rep thinks everything is fine.

What I Learned Today – Thursday, July 16

Chuck Woolery went on a rant about Covid-19 being some kind of political hoax on July 12.  His July 13 tweet was a bit more, empathetic.

Weird how it suddenly becomes serious to these idiots when it affects them.

Oklahoma Governor who attended Trump’s rally brought home more than a MAGA hat. He tested positive for Covid-19. Herman Cain who proudly attended the rally, unmasked, because masks are for pussies, is still in the hospital where his status remains uncertain.

Florida had another 10K+ cases yesterday with deaths tripling now.

Texas had another record breaking day of new cases.  These damn Democrats are really working hard on keeping this Covid Hoax alive!

California is over 11K cases now.

The Trump administration, worried about the surge in cases, has decided to finally handle the problem.  They want to keep the data for the control of this disease out of the hands of the Centers for Disease Control.

Georgia’s governor is banning any ordinance requiring people to wear masks. My god these fucking republicans want people to die at this point.

A Tennessee county is opening up its schools next month. Oh, but first, please sign this death waiver:

Remember how the Covidiots were saying “Yeah, infections are up but the death rate isn’t going up so suck it libtards.” and the doctors were saying, “Well, let’s not get too excited yet, there’s a lag between infection rates and mortality rates.”   Welp, guess who seems to be right here?

And while the pandemic burns through the country:

And yes, it’s against the law for a president to do a commercial from the damn Oval Office. I’m sure this will be the thing that finally gets him thrown out of office.

Trump fired demoted his campaign manager. So does that mean Trump is believing those fake poll numbers where he is behind Biden?

A good rule of thumb to live by is if somebody asks you for bitcoin, or to donate bitcoin to some url, DON’T!  Even if that person is a blue checkmarked celeb whom you follow on Twitter.  Another good rule of thumb: Twitter sucks.

Here’s a picture of Dr. Fauci in 2015 suiting up to treat Ebola patients.  Why is the Director of the NIH going in to treat Ebola patients?

Fauci says he also wanted to show his staff that he wouldn’t ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.

This doctor made a video while putting on 6 masks while monitoring his oxygen saturation level to prove that, why yes, you can breathe in masks perfectly fine.

And Banksy has been busy.


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