Tesla sees spike in COVID-19 ‘exposure,’ data leak shows over 130 cases and more ‘affected’

You didn’t have to be an epidemiologist to predict this kind of thing.  But it would have been nice to at least listen to them:

An internal data leak shows that Tesla is seeing a spike in COVID-19 “exposure,” primarily at its Fremont factory in California.

Tesla has had a controversial history with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The automaker first defied a shelter-in-place order that required shutting down its Fremont factory, which stayed open a week longer than it was supposed to, early in the pandemic, in March.

In the weeks that followed, CEO Elon Musk became outspoken about the pandemic, which he mostly downplayed as not being as dangerous as portrayed in the media. The CEO was also highly critical of the restrictions put in place by the state government and county officials.

He went as far as threatening to move Tesla out of California if the automaker wasn’t allowed to reopen its Fremont factory.

In May, Tesla ended up reopening the factory again by defying the local order a week before it was officially allowed to open the plant.

Now, two months later, the US is still seeing record levels of new COVID-19 cases, and Tesla is also experiencing an increasing number of cases in its workforce. Tesla’s workforce is largely in California, which has been particularly hard hit in recent weeks.