What I Learned Today – Monday, July 13

Trump can’t fire Fauci and has already sidelined him but that pesky doctor keeps popping up in the media saying weird things like “Covid19 isn’t done and is rising” when in fact, Covid19 isn’t done and is rising. So Trump is of course attacking Fauci and attempting to discredit him.

New Zealand hasn’t had a new Covid-19 case in two weeks.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Covid-19 naysayers are getting infected and dying from it. Like this Florida official who voted against masks and is now in the ICU with covid. Or this thirty year old guy who attended a Covid party, caught it, and then died. Or this 37 year old vet who declared on facebook that he would not buy a mask because it was hype, who then caught covid and died. And it makes you wonder how many of these idiots are catching it, not developing any symptoms, but passing it on to friends and family members who may pay a steep price due to their negligence. Even now in Florida, the current Covid capital of the world, people are protesting wearing masks.

American passports are basically worthless now.

A Cambridge University professor is attempting to cook some Mesopotamian recipes from 4,000 years ago.

And holy crap, Gary Larson is doing new Far Side cartoons after a 25 year hiatus.