Disney World Opens as Florida Reports Over 15,000 New Cases

Walt Disney World is now open in Florida!!!! Because opening up a huge theme park while Covid cases surge in world record numbers is the most 2020 thing that we could possibly do.

Florida reported a record increase of more than 15,000 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day on Sunday as the growing outbreak forces state authorities to close some businesses and beaches. If Florida were a country, it would rank fourth in the world for the most new cases a day behind the United States, Brazil and India.

Its daily increases have already surpassed the highest daily tally reported by any European country during the height of the pandemic there. Florida has also broken New York State’s record of 12,847 new cases on April 10 when it was the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak. To combat the outbreak, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered bars to close but has resisted calls for a statewide mandate to wear masks in public.

Meanwhile, FL governor is whining about Dr. Fauci’s criticism that they opened too early:

The governor of Florida defended his decision to reopen the state, after the nation’s top infectious disease expert suggested Florida had rushed its reopening amid a surge of coronavirus cases seen since mid-June.

“I think there was really no justification to not move forward,” said Governor Ron DeSantis at a news conference in Orlando Friday.

And Miami-Dade hospitals are almost at full capacity.

So, great job containing the virus there for all the governors who decided to follow Trump’s lead.