What I Learned Today – Friday, July 10

NYC has a new Black Lives Matter mural right outside of Sauron’s Trump Tower. Trump responded by saying “The Black Lives Matter movement is paramount in spotlighting inequality in the criminal justice system and other institutions and I am proud that there is a mural outside of my building to be a constant reminder to us all.”  Nah, I’m kidding, he called NYC a hellhole and says BLM is a symbol of hate.

Senate Republicans are starting to have second thoughts about attending their upcoming convention in Florida where covid19 infection rates are skyrocketing. Mitch McConnell has decided that he’s not going and will instead keep his head in his shell. So they are perfectly fine of pushing everybody else into the pandemic, but nah, they’ll pass. The RNC is now looking at holding the venue outside.

Meanwhile, Trump has started a war against TikTok users. I don’t know much about TikTok, but if Trump is against it then it can’t be all bad.  Godspeed Gen Z. May Trump’s next rally get 800 million “pre-registrations”.

Is Kanye prezident yet?


43 Florida ICUs have reached capacity. Mississippi hospitals are stretched thin as their ICUs are filling up also. And we broke a new record for the amount of new cases. Over 61,000 now! I’m starting to think that the US didn’t have a very good response to this whole pandemic thing. (As I was about to post this, I see that the numbers for today are out and it’s another new record.  Over 65K.  Lovely.)

Sometimes, the smallest things we take for granted.

A man in Saudi Arabia helped cool down an overheated hawk on a sidewalk.

A man cooling a hawk that was suffering from a heatstroke in Riyad, Saudi Arabia (where temperature reaches 50 celsius in August) from r/HumansBeingBros

And a veteran Broadway lighting technician takes us backstage for a peek of Hamilton.