Florida Breaks Deaths Record For Fourth Straight Day

257 new deaths. Hey Floridians, you may want to impeach your governor for, you know, murder.

The Florida Department of Health reported 257 new COVID-19 deaths in Florida on Friday, marking the fourth consecutive day the state has surpassed its own daily death record.

The state’s total amount of lives lost to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in March now nears 7,000, with 6,843 Florida resident deaths and 123 non-resident deaths. July alone saw 3,409 COVID-19 related deaths recorded – nearly 50 percent of the state’s total COVID-19 deaths.

What I Learned Today – Friday, July 31

Ok, coffee poured.  Cat petted.  Time to open up my news feed and see what horror awaits.

A dump truck got hit by a garbage truck.

So Congressman Covid has really done everything possible to be a superspreader.  Not only did he refuse to wear a mask, insist that his staff did not wear a mask, then gave his staff the news that he was positive in person, but after finding out his results, one of his first stops was to go to the gym.

Some schools have started already.  They immediately have their first Covid case.

I don’t even know where to begin on this:

Turns out, Trump built his wall and we all paid for it:

What happens when Trump refuses to accept an electoral loss? Professor Lawrence Douglass from Amherst College has written a book about this looming constitutional crisis. It’s a lot more complex than having a Marine guard kicking Trump’s ass out onto Pennsylvania Avenue.


In case you have forgotten what a presidential speech sounds like:

Herman Cain Dies from Covid-19


Cain was an anti-masker who attended Trump’s Tulsa rally. Without a mask of course:

I don’t suppose there’s much of a chance for his death to be a wake up call to those who shared his views.

What I Learned Today – Thursday, July 30

Texas reports 313 new deaths.

Louie Gohmert tested positive for Covid19 and then went on to tell his staff IN PERSON that he had the extremely contagious disease which you can catch just by talking to someone in person.

Speaking of Congressman Covid:

And of course, Congressman Covid will be taking advice from the alien dna/demon semen doctor. What a time to be alive.

Man in Texas believes covid is a Democratic host.  Throws party for family.  14 members end up sick and another one dies from covid. As somebody who has avoided all unnecessary human contact since early March, fuck these idiots.  Make stupid choices, win stupid consequences.  What pisses me off about these idiots is how many people they are infecting who may have no choice about interacting with them. From the grocery clerks to the medical staff where a good deal of these party revelers ended up, or any other people who are just doing their job and have to risk their health dealing with these idiots who are not taking this pandemic seriously.

1,444 more dead Americans from covid today.  We’ll be over 154,000 total sometime today. I don’t know how much the daily death toll would need to rise before the GOP decided to take a pause on their current course, or when Democrats would do more than just let the GOP keep fucking up. 3,000 a day?  5K?

You know how McConnell is dragging his feet about unemployment insurance benefits?  Thursday’s numbers are in:

The US Economy contracted by 33% in the 2nd Quarter. This is the worst plunge ever recorded which goes back to 1947. So, another thing to add to Trump’s resume.

Trump is now tweeting that the election should be delayed because it’s not safe to vote.  Weird how he thinks it’s perfectly fine to open up schools but let’s delay the election, which already has safeguards in place (mail-in voting), when he is getting crushed in the polls.

And because everything else in the world is terrible, here’s a guitarist playing some Mozart using finger tapping:


Trump Runs Away from Press Conference After Being Asked About his Alien DNA Doctor

I miss for the good old days when his crazy was restricted to person, woman, man, camera, tv.