The Coronavirus Surge

Axios’ headline isn’t quite correct. Yet. The northeast is (was) doing an amazing job. We locked down fairly early, don’t seem to have as many anti-mask idiots running around, and have socially distanced fairly well. What does this mean for the long term? I’m guessing it has just bought us a little breathing room before we get hit again. Here in Massachusetts, they just opened up restaurants for dining inside. Given that we’re also not really sealed off from visitors from less-disciplined states, and that even here, people are bored with covid-safety, I suspect that we’ll start seeing some spikes by mid July. And then it’s off to the races again.

Everything that we had done the past few months to keep the curve down was to buy time for there to be track and trace methods implemented to keep the spread down. Absolutely nothing was done to do this. To the contrary, Trump is doing everything to stop testing which I can’t decide is the most evil, insane, or stupidest decision ever taken by a president in my lifetime. It’s a safe assumption that it’s all three.