A Plague of Locusts Hit Africa and Asia

I’m hating this old testament reboot:

When the skies darkened suddenly over Michael Gatiba’s 10-acre farm in Nakuru County, Kenya, what came pouring down stunned him: millions of desert locusts.

“It was like a storm,” Gatiba, 45, said by telephone. “It was like hail. They covered everywhere. Even there was no sun.”

That was three months ago. Although Gatiba said he was lucky that the damage from the insects was minimal, he fears that the outbreak that has plagued swaths of Africa, the Middle East and Asia for the past two years will return to ravage his maize and bean crops.

6,500 New Covid Cases in California in One Day Alone

My god!

In total, there were 6,522 positive tests reported around the state Monday, more than 2,000 cases higher than the previous daily record. With it, the seven-day average climbed above 4,000 for the first time since the outbreak began and the total number of cases statewide stood at 184,278, according to data compiled by this news organization.

The number of deaths per day and hospitalized patients, however, has remained flat for weeks, down from their peaks in mid-April. That is beginning to change, as hospitalization levels creep back up. Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Monday that hospitalizations had increased 16% in the past two weeks.

Just as new positive tests today reflect cases that could have been contracted weeks ago — because of the virus’ incubation period and the time to get tested and receive a result — hospitalization and deaths are also believed to be a lagging indicator.