TikTok teens say they tanked Trump’s comeback rally in Tulsa by reserving thousands of tickets then not showing up

This explains the inflated numbers that the campaign was crowing about (although, even these numbers were probably inflated even more by Trump’s lying campaign people because lying is what they do best) but it doesn’t really explain the low turnout because there were no caps set on tickets. The TikTokers raised expectations for Trump and his shitty band of liars and the letdown must be glorious now. But why was the stadium half empty? Is Trump’s losing all but his most die hard koolaid drinkers?

On the platforms, teenagers have been reserving tickets for the rally – with no plans of actually showing up.

Key to the campaign, reported The New York Times, is the huge online network of fans of Korean pop music — K-pop. In recent months, they have pivoted from celebrating their favorite groups and artists to political causes, such as swamping right-wing hashtags and raising millions for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Trump campaign had called for supporters to sign up for a free ticket to the rally using their mobile phone in a June 11 tweet, and K-pop fan accounts urged people to do so to prank the campaign.