Today in Racist Idiots

Oh boy:

Imagine thinking this, and this potential Trump cabinet member just says it out loud.

Then you have another person who believes “public park” means it’s all hers and not those icky people who don’t even look like they came over here on the Mayflower:

And then we have a twofer. A shitty racist woman and a terrible tweet by USA Today who accused the woman for slapping the racist for what the racist said, and not for the assault and battery which forced her to defend herself:

Oh, and here’s our impeached president referring to his “SS”:


US hits 2 million coronavirus cases amid surges in some states

I mean, at this rate I’m expecting that they are just going to surge in every state give or take a week or two. What’s infuriating is watching everyone on social media pointing fingers at who is to blame for this. The protesters who wanted things open and were gathering? The premature opening of the red states? The protesters against the police? Like the answer isn’t ALL OF THE FUCKING ABOVE. It doesn’t matter if your cause is just or not to a damn virus. This is such a complete failure from Trump on down. I haven’t even heard about contact tracing anymore. This whole lockdown was for nothing since the curve will rise again and this time, nobody will even talk about locking back down again. There’s too much momentum to open up now for the idiots in charge to turn it off again. What a complete disaster.

The United States surpassed 2 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, as rising hospitalizations in states such as Texas and Arizona prompt fears about reopening the country.

As of Thursday morning, the U.S. had reported nearly 113,000 deaths from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to a Johns Hopkins University database.

The new data arrives as health experts around the globe warn that the coronavirus outbreak is not over and that people must continue to practice social-distancing guidelines and wear face coverings in public.