Utah lawmaker files bill to censure Mitt Romney over Trump impeachment vote

The GOP is just filled with a bunch of cowards who tremble at the thought of Trump unleashing a mean tweet:

A rural Utah lawmaker is asking his colleagues to send a message of support to President Donald Trump by voting to censure Sen. Mitt Romney.

Romney, R-Utah, joined Senate Democrats on Wednesday in voting to convict Trump for abuse of power and remove the president from office. He was the only Republican to break ranks with his party during the impeachment process.

Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, on Thursday announced that he had filed a resolution to censure Romney, saying the senator’s judgment was questionable even if his motives were pure.

Lyman told reporters he believes Romney obeyed his conscience in voting to convict the president and respects a politician who’s willing to “go against the grain.” That said, Romney’s “attacks” on the president, including his support for calling witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial, have been harmful to the Republican Party and the country, Lyman argued.

“We’re not censuring him for voting his conscience. We’re censuring him for the positions that he’s taken through this whole process,” Lyman said. “And to send a message that we want to have good relationships with the White House, we want to have good relationships with President Trump.”

Trump is Constantly Projecting

Trump is shocked that a person’s spouse could possibly give a shit about them. This is because:
1. None of Trump’s wives would actually give a shit if he was killed and just see him as wallet.
2. Trump doesn’t really care about anybody other than himself and can’t conceive of other people’s feelings.
3. All of the above.

Trump at the Prayer Breakfast


Shocking! You mean it was never really about god or morals with these evangelicals but just about gaining power by using religion as a vehicle? Also, Trump will be taking a victory lap on this until late spring.