Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis

I take no pleasure at all in his diagnosis of lung cancer.  I have lost too many family members and friends to this terrible disease. However, that doesn’t mean I have any sympathy for a man who fills me with complete and utter revulsion every single time he opens his racist, misogynistic, troll mouth. He’s a terrible excuse for a human being.  It’s a terrible disease.  I was kind of hoping his end would have come from accidentally swallowing and choking on that cigar tbh.

Does Anybody Have any Experience with Fevers of Unknown Origins for Cats?

Just got an email from Ben whose furry friend, Zoey, is having health issues. Does anybody have any experience with a cat being diagnosed with a Fever of Unknown Origin?

Hey Chris… long-time reader of your blog. Since you have acknowledged cats as our rulers and overlords, I wanted to tell you about my cat, Zoey (3.5 years), who was recently diagnosed with FUO, or Fever of Unknown Origin. Apparently, a small percentage of cats just… get a fever, confusing vets everywhere. If you’re willing, I thought this would be helpful info to post because I’ve been scouring the internet for more info that could be helpful, and there isn’t much.

The quick summary is:

Thursday night: Not really interested in her evening feeding, but ate.

Friday morning: Not interested in eating at all.

Friday vet visit: High fever and dehydration. Vital organs looked good. Blood work ruled out really nasty stuff (feline AIDS, leukemia, etc.), but her white blood cell count was really high, indicating an infection. Given antibiotics to give at home.

Saturday morning: Antibiotics making her vomit. Fever still high. Still not eating.

Saturday vet visit: X-rays and ultrasound show no obstructions or foreign objects. Lymph Node in neck has swollen, so it was drained and sent for testing. Given antibiotic shot good for two weeks and an appetite stimulant.

Sunday: Assist feeding liquefied food at home. Putting cold packs against her to reduced fever. Started to perk up and explored a bit instead of sleeping all day.

Monday morning: Fever spiked in the morning. Took her to the vet and left her there for observation and IV fluids. Lost half a pound since Friday.

Wednesday afternoon: Picked her up and she was livelier. Given a steroid to reduce inflammation and fever, and an antibiotic. Tests from neck swelling negative. Aggressive blood work all negative.

Thursday – Saturday: Poops on Friday for the first time since last Friday. Fever returns every morning so we’re adjusting dosage and frequency of the pill, but she’s starting to be more active by coming to the living room and returning to her old routine. Still not playing or running around. Better, but not well.

I know that’s a lot, but I’ve been sick with worry and wanted to put it out there because nobody knows anything and I wanted to share. It sucks to go to the vet several times, run tests, and it all ends with a shrug. Twice, I started mentally preparing myself for her to pass away, which is the worst.

Some good news. I just received this email from Ben last night:

She’s doing much better, thank you! She takes her meds twice a day, and we’ll determine how to move forward after her follow-up on Thursday. They’ll redo her blood work and a few other tests to see if the signs of infection are gone. If so, we’ll just slowly ween her off the meds and check her temperature to make sure the fever doesn’t return. If the infection is still present and/or her fever returns, we’ll probably run the meds a bit longer.