Cafe Wants People to Finish Eating After Being Asked to Evacuate During Terrorist Attack


In the video, posted to Twitter, a heavily armed officer from London’s Metropolitan Police is seen entering a cafe, and loudly announcing “Sorry guys, you’re going to have to close, we have got to evacuate, I’m afraid.”

“There’s been a terrorist incident down there. We are closing everything down. You guys want to stay safe you will listen to me.”

But before customers have a chance to react, the waitress is heard off camera saying: “Just give us half an hour, people are just starting to eat.”

Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response

This fucking guy:

In the spring of 2018, the White House pushed Congress to cut funding for Obama-era disease security programs, proposing to eliminate $252 million in previously committed resources for rebuilding health systems in Ebola-ravaged Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Under fire from both sides of the aisle, President Donald Trump dropped the proposal to eliminate Ebola funds a month later. But other White House efforts included reducing $15 billion in national health spending and cutting the global disease-fighting operational budgets of the CDC, NSC, DHS, and HHS. And the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund was eliminated.

Stephen King quits Facebook over concerns of ‘false information’

Now do Twitter! (Seriously, twitter is trash). I gave up Facebook long ago. It just became a cesspool of misinformation and creepiness. And everything would take so long to load for me, most likely because it was using that time to suck up every byte of info it could from my computer.

(CNN)Stephen King has quit Facebook after voicing concerns about false information and privacy.
“I’m quitting Facebook,” the author said on Twitter Friday. “Not comfortable with the flood of false information that’s allowed in its political advertising, nor am I confident in its ability to protect its users’ privacy. Follow me (and Molly, aka The Thing of Evil) on Twitter, if you like.”

Going into Iowa

I hate, hate, hate our election cycle. There have been approximately 5,678 debates between 274 democratic candidates in the last year or two. And I think 3 of the 274 candidates have dropped out only to be replaced by several other candidates. I mean, I think. My eyes have been glazing over at any political news in the past several weeks.

So we have finally reached the first primary/caucus which will last for the next 5 months (ending on June 7th with Puerto Rico’s primary which is kind of interesting because they don’t even get to vote in presidential elections.) So who do we like?

I’ve been a big supporter of Elizabeth Warren since a little after the dna debacle died down and after she realized that trying to AOC it with an instagram live video wasn’t her strength. I’m most likely voting for her in the MA primary which I think happens on Super Tuesday. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.)

Here’s the thing though. If Elizabeth Warren loses to Biden, or Bernie, or even someone I really can’t stand like Yang, you know who I’ll rage vote for? THE GODDAMN WINNER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY BECAUSE AS IDIOTIC AS I AM, I’M NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO WANT TO THROW MY VOTE AWAY SO THAT WE CAN HAND OVER THE ELECTION TO ORANGE SHITLER FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS WITH LITERALLY NO ACCOUNTABILITY LEFT TO ANYBODY OR THING. My god people. Yes, it’s disappointing if your candidate doesn’t win but some perspective. Sometimes democracy is about voting for your candidate you love more than anything but other times it’s also about voting for the candidate who will prevent the walking worst case scenario from wreaking havoc for the next four years.