rump Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, WikiLeaks Founder’s Lawyer Claims

Holy shit. This is huge if true. And, this certainly does sound like something Trump would do:

LONDON—President Trump offered to pardon Julian Assange if he agreed to cover up the involvement of Russia in hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee, which were later published by WikiLeaks, a London court was told Wednesday.

Lawyers acting for Assange have argued that the Australian should not be extradited to the U.S. because the case is political not criminal.

Edward Fitzgerald, Assange’s lawyer, said Wednesday that a message had been passed on to Assange by former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Fitzgerald said a statement produced by Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, showed “Mr Rohrabacher going to see Mr Assange and saying, on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr Assange… said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks.”

The Correct Answer is He is Wronger

Reclining seats (especially during a day flight) are really just horribly designed. I hate, hate, hate, when the person in front of me reclines because my already limited space becomes completely obsolete at that point and I have the back of a seat at my nose. I don’t recline my seat because I wouldn’t want to do that to the person behind me.

But punching someone’s seat for the rest of the flight because of it is being a gigantic ass at the very least and is even more shitty than the recliner. So the lesson, as always, is everything is awful.

Rhode Island priest claims ‘pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone’ in abortion row

‘Pedophilia isn’t that bad’ is quite the hill to die on:

A Rhode Island priest who sought to ban pro-choice lawmakers from receiving communion has suggested abortion is worse than child abuse.

“We are not talking about any other moral issue, where some may make it a comparison between pedophilia and abortion,” the Rev Richard Bucci told local TV station WJAR. “Pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone and this does.”

The priest made headlines last week after posting a list of 44 state lawmakers who would be barred from communion because of their support for reproductive rights.

The note in the Sacred Heart church community bulletin included lawmakers who voted for the state’s Reproductive Privacy Act, which formally adopts into state law the 1973 US supreme court ruling legalizing abortion, also known as Roe v Wade.

‘There need to be mass protests’: Authoritarianism experts say time is running out for Americans to stop Trump


“The system is enabling Trump,” Jason Stanley, a Yale philosophy professor who wrote “How Fascism Works,” told Insider.

“There need to be mass protests,” he said. “The Republican Party is betraying democracy, and these are historical times. Someone has got to push back.

“The deeply worrying moment is when you start to become a one-party state,” Stanley added. “The Republican Party has shown that it has no interest in multi-party democracy … They are much more concerned with power, with consolidating power.”

Stanley said recent actions by Republicans and Trump were “straight from the literature on authoritarianism.”