Fake guns banned in Downtown Las Vegas district, but real guns are OK

Has this country always been this insane?

The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill to ban toy and replica firearms in the city’s entertainment district and on the public sidewalks bordering the area. This includes the Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East Entertainment District. It also bans the display and use of actual weapons including swords, knives, bows and arrows and flame-emitting devices. Real guns are still permitted with some restrictions. Summary of Nevada Gun Laws LINK

In doing so, it becomes the latest valley jurisdiction to bar imitation guns in a state where it is legal to carry the real deal unconcealed. In October 2012, the Clark County Commission, which has authority over the Las Vegas Strip passed a similar bill.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Requests Lenience for Death Threat Sender

From CNN:

(CNN)Rep. Ilhan Omar has a request for the judge deciding the punishment of a man who threatened to kill her: “Show compassion in your sentencing.”
The Minnesota Democrat on Tuesday called for restraint in the upcoming judgment of Patrick W. Carlineo Jr., 55, of Addison, New York, who sent her a death threat because of her Muslim faith, according to a criminal complaint and accompanying affidavit.
“We must teach the defendant love,” Omar wrote in a letter to New York federal Judge Frank Geraci that she tweeted on Tuesday. “For this reason, I do not believe the defendant would be served by a severe prison sentence or substantial financial fine and ask you to show compassion in your sentencing.”

And Matt Gaetz requested the woman who threw his drink at him to get prison time.

Chick-fil-A Claims That It Won’t Donate to Anti-LGBTQ Groups Anymore

From Eater.com:

Chick-fil-A has detailed new plans to change the way it makes charitable donations, as the chain aims to avoid further controversies over donating to organizations with anti-LGBTQ attitudes.

Speaking to Bisnow, Chick-fil-A president and chief operating officer Tim Tassopoulos said that the Atlanta-based chain would focus its donations on directing larger sums to a smaller number of charities, with three “causes” to be targeted: hunger, homelessness, and education.

Under the new approach, the company will donate $25,000 to a local food bank in every city where it opens new locations. It will also direct multi-million dollar donations to two charities in particular: the education-focused Junior Achievement USA, and Covenant House, an organization that operates shelters and services for the homeless in the U.S., Canada, and Central America.

I once had a layover in Dallas and had a few hours to kill at the airport. I decided to see what the hubub was about these stupid gay hating sandwiches. I finally found the first location and it was closed. Then went all the way to a different terminal to try the second location and that was closed also. Later I found out the problem was that it was a Sunday and they are closed to honor the sabbath. Whatever. I finally ended up trying one a year later and, meh. I mean, it’s a fried chicken sandwich. Whatever. Anyway, the bible thumpers are having a massive conniption about this:

Thanks Everybody

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the last post. It really means a lot during a difficult time. I’m still a bit shocked to be honest. I keep going to message my friend or send her a silly link, and it takes a bit for my brain to catch up to reality. Janine was an amazing artist, a terrific writer, and a great friend. I miss her dearly.