‘World’s Chillest Man’ Sips Beer as Gunman Robs Bar

I feel like this guy has seen some serious shit to be unfazed by this:

A regular at a St. Louis bar was completely unfazed by an armed robber who stormed the watering hole. In fact, he lit up a cigarette moments after facing the barrel of the pistol.

Tony Tovar was relaxing with a beer at the decades-old Behrmann’s Tavern when a gunman entered, demanding customers and staff get on the ground and hand over their cash and phones, according to NBC affiliate KSDK.

Surveillance video dated Aug. 28 shows people fled, hid or hit the ground, save for Tovar who remained seated at the bar as the suspected robber pressed what bartender Dustin Krueger described as a “heavily modified pistol” against Tovar’s arm.

“I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move,” Tovar said to KSDK. “I’m so tired of people in South City thinking they can control people because they wanna muscle their way in with firearms or attitudes or some sort of aggression.”