That Civil War Tweet

Honestly, he has tweeted about a hundred times in the last 24 hours and the civil war tweet is the most soundbitey one so it’s getting the most attention in the Twitterverse but this guy is really unwell, and it’s a bit of a problem now isn’t it GOP? Everyone knows that there is no way Trump should be anywhere near the White House, even on a tour, and shame on ever single Republican who has decided they will be concerned but refuse to act. Things are going to accelerate faster now. If Trump strikes out full guns blazing when Deborah Messing says something mean about him, how is he going to react when an impeachment is playing out every day? He’s not gonna resign. He’s gonna do as much damage as possible in an attempt to wiggle off the hook. Good luck everyone who hitched their horses to this flaming wagon of garbage.

It Didn’t Take Long for Trump to Say Something That Was Immediately Interpreted as Witness Tampering

Buckle up everyone. We’re about to see some really crazy shit as Trump gets more desperate to move the narrative off of himself.

President Donald Trump said earlier Thursday to a “crowd of staff from the United States Mission to the United Nations” that he wanted to know who the Ukraine whistleblower’s source or sources were “because that’s close to a spy.” Trump then remarked that back in the “old days” spies and traitors were treated “a little differently.” In those days, we were “smart,” Trump said.

While some perceived this as a threat to the whistleblower, others noted that he was actually talking about the whistleblower’s source(s), namely White House officials who actually heard the Trump-Volodymyr Zelensky phone call. Either way, Trump’s words were immediately interpreted as witness tampering and/or obstruction of justice, as those White House sources may very well be asked down the line to testify in some form or fashion. Where have we seen this story before?

Transcript is Released