Trump Mocks Own Supporter as Overweight: ‘Serious Weight Problem. Go Home, Start Exercising!’

There are so many levels of craziness to every single Trump story. Like this one for example when A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is making fun of somebody’s weight….. And Trump himself is overweight….. and it turns out he was calling his own supporter fat, not the protester.

During a 2020 reelection rally in New Hampshire, President Donald Trump mistook one of his large adult supporters for (actually thin) protesters being escorted out and then mocked his appearance: “That guy has a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising!”

Breaking away from the rally as the protesters were led out, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum could be heard chuckling on air as Trump made fun of someone’s weight. “An insult for somebody who was just taken out of there, a protester,” she said.

But according to one on-scene reporter, the president had directed his cutting remarks toward the wrong person.

It’s hard to see from the video but it seems possible Trump made fun of the weight of one of his supporters the security crew, rather than a protester.