Friday Cat Blogging

It has been a minute since I last did one of these things. Lola is doing well. She’s by far the most unathletic cat I’ve ever had so she’s lucky that the only thing she needs to hunt is her cat bowl.

She’s very sweet though.

U.S. Democratic 2020 candidate Warren calls for ban on private prisons

Yes, please!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Friday called for the elimination of privately run prisons and detention centers at the federal and state level, arguing they too often place profits above safety.

The U.S. senator from Massachusetts also pledged to ban private contractors from charging inmates for routine services such as phone calls, bank transfers and healthcare, and to crack down on the practice of marking up prices for commissary items.

“There should be no place in America for profiting off putting more people behind bars or in detention,” Warren said in a statement in making the latest in a string of campaign policy proposals.