Open for the Holidays

I should be able to start blogging a bit more soon. I’m not traveling for the holidays this year so I’ll have some spare time (Finally) to actually post on here.

Unfortunately it will probably mostly be about politics because the US is currently in a free fall. I don’t really have much of an opinion of Mattis overall, but he really seemed to be the least worst person in the entire Cabinet. He stopped some of Trump’s worst impulses, and given that nobody sane could possibly want to work for Trump at this point, I’m guessing his replacement will be a train wreck. So, yeah, I’m worried.

But I’m getting sick of the media declaring that this is the moment where all the wheels have come off the bus. Give me a break. The wheels flew off the Trump bus back during the muslim ban and the only reason why it’s still moving is because the GOP has been pushing it along with sparks flying in all directions.