Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Meatypuffs for this one!

Hi Chris,

Love the blog, I’m so glad you’re sticking with it. I have been reading for over ten years now and can’t even recall how I stumbled upon your site, but I’m thankful I did.

Attached is a photo of my dog, Apollonia, if you’re willing to bend the rules a bit on the guest blogging. She’s a mix of purebred golden retriever and whatever was walking through the alley one evening, which I suspect had quite a bit of blue heeler in him. It’s going to be cold here in Nebraska and the ongoing Kavanaugh saga is going to make me not want to leave my bed this weekend, so her and I will be doing a lot of cuddling to get through it. Apollonia turns two years old on Monday. Hopefully she’ll learn to share the bed. She’s a very good girl.