Question of the Day

Yesterday was what was the worst social media platform. So today will be what’s your favorite social media platform to use?

My favorite would probably be blogs. Old fashioned, rss-enabled, one or handful of author blogs. The age of blogs are pretty much over. From my experience, 2010ish was when they peaked. Facebook and Twitter killed them since everybody could then post stuff to their wall and read other stuff from their “friends” walls which appear on their timelines. But I actually like going to blogs that I have learned to trust and love and getting that information by myself instead of having some algorithm spoon-feed me information they think I should read.

Outside of that, I probably find Goodreads most useful. I’m always on the lookout for good books and I’ve found so many fantastic books by paying attention to what people are reading from that app.

And I don’t mind Instagram that much. For the most part I’m following pictures of food, travel destinations and a few people I like without too much political commentary. It’s starting to get annoying since they are now putting streams of people I don’t follow which is such a Facebook thing to do (PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW! Let me decide that FB).


  1. I have my own seasonally-used blog, but I have no illusions that it’ll become anything more than a place to record my half-assed thoughts for me and a few close friends to read.

    For socializing, outside of Facebook, I spend a lot of time these days over at The Avocado, which started as a spinoff of The AV Club commentariat looking for a place to chat aimlessly after threads had officially died. When the AV Club switched from Disqus to Kinja, there was a mass exodus of commenters into the Avocado, and a new stand-alone site was built.

    Anyway, mostly I play games there, but the open threads and politics threads are fun, too. And it’s moderated by a group of volunteers who take moderating seriously, so insufferable jackasses don’t last long there.

  2. I used to have a blog but it’s lain abandoned for some time…

    The only social media I’m involved with to any extent is Ravelry, the online community for knitters, crocheters, and weavers. It’s so well designed and so well run…other platforms should be taking note.

    I actually do have both a Facebook account (started to try to keep in touch with people when Readerville closed down) and a Twitter account (started to help a streamer I know) but I hate Facebook and Twitter mostly just confuses me.

  3. Tumblr. It covers a lot of the bases – chronological, you can post pictures, sound, video, links. I can block or follow at will and I’ve made some good friends there. Then again I was in on Livejournal early on before Myspace and Facebook drained its user base and it was bought out by a Russian company; tumblr fills a similar function of it. Blogger lite I guess 🙂

  4. I enjoy imgur, it seems to have an okay community, the ads are fairly obvious ads (instead of looking like standard newsfeed posts.) The only downside is that there is no filter, it’s just one giant firehose of posts. Some parts of Reddit are pretty good, I enjoy r/justrolledintotheshop and r/DIY.

  5. I’m getting utterly disgusted with Facebook but holding out on it because I do have some wonderful groups I participate in on there. IRL my HOA is full of mob minded hateful people and they have created an atmosphere of fear and hatred that is unbelievable on their FB page. They were literally calling out a woman (they threw out three different names and streets) and wanting to call the cops and have her committed because she is belligerent. When several of us told them this was doxxing, that only her family has any right to even discuss this and that we should not be attacking her – I got castigated and blocked. Yup. I hate how FB allows this kind fo behavior. Instagram has been a clean breath of fresh air and I am finding far more intelligent things on Twitter than on FB. Maybe I got lucky and my presence is so small on Twitter. Im with you – I miss blogs in general but I follow four or five regularly (yours being one of them).

    I am honestly considering dumping social media altogether. The rotten apples have truly made it poisonous. the main reason I refuse to do it is because I do NOT want to stick my head in the sand. I just go hug my dog when the nastiness gets bad.

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