1. That’s pretty bad, yes, but I’d say what’s worse is both platforms’ unwillingness and/or inability to adequately address abuse. Because kicking trolls and nazis off the platform would severely reduce the number of eyeballs they can sell to advertisers.

  2. Tweetdeck is Twitter’s only saving grace… well lists on the app. their mgmt is complete trash though, the bots are basically supporting the fringes of either side of the isle making everyone more stupid.

  3. I’m at the point where I hate all of them equally. I saw my (much older) Aunt get into a long argument in a Facebook thread with a Trump idiot the other day and I wanted to hug her for trying. My older brother had to step in and defend her too. Instaram has absolutely no value, Twitter is twitter, and Reddit is a cesspool.

  4. I don’t carry a cellphone, so Facebook is the only one I use. My main complaint is that they don’t filter out links to known bullshit sites. I don’t mean The Onion, where it’s obviously satire. I’m talking about the click-bait sites that post fake news, but report it as though it’s true, leading people to repost it and spread false rumors. They usually have realistic-sounding names like “EmpireNews.com”, so the less cynical (and naïve) will believe and repost stories like “Man In Alabama Uses Legal Loophole To Marry Baby.” Pretty harmless until they repost “Donald Trump Signs Bill Reversing Gay Marriage, Mainstream Media Completely Silent” and everyone goes apeshit. It’s stuff like that that affected the last election.

  5. I wish Facebook had a filter that would filter out all the Trump news. I read the news and I read this blog, so I don’t need to read it on Facebook. Also, some of it comes from questionable sources. I want to see what my friends and relatives that live far away are doing. And, of course, see funny cat videos.

    I hate it when news articles quotes someone’s twitter comment, like that is somehow reporting. For one thing, they quote it and then they post it so I end up reading it twice. On top of that, it is just some comment from a celebrity that adds nothing to the article. It’s much lazier than asking someone for a quote.

    Lastly, I don’t care what celebrities are up to. My life is just not that empty that I need that.

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