GOP may need to recall State of the Union tickets over embarrassing typo

Alternate spelling:

On Monday, journalists on Twitter noted something odd about tickets to tomorrow’s State of the Union — that the term “union” was misspelled as “uniom.”

As the Washington Examiner‘s Laura Barrón-López? noted, two Democrat aides said Republicans may have to recall the tickets due to the misspelling.

This isn’t the first time a Trump-related typo has made waves. After President Donald Trump fired former FBI director James Comey last year, his lawyer issued an error-laden statement that included the term “president” misspelled as “predisent.”

Trump is the Worst Person in the World

This is so petty and vindictive, but it’s Trump so I’m really not surprised:

WASHINGTON — The day after he fired James Comey as director of the FBI, a furious President Donald Trump called the bureau’s acting director, Andrew McCabe, demanding to know why Comey had been allowed to fly on an FBI plane from Los Angeles back to Washington after he was dismissed, according to multiple people familiar with the phone call.

McCabe told the president he hadn’t been asked to authorize Comey’s flight, but if anyone had asked, he would have approved it, three people familiar with the call recounted to NBC News.

The president was silent for a moment and then turned on McCabe, suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser — an apparent reference to a failed campaign for state office in Virginia that McCabe’s wife made in 2015.

McCabe replied, “OK, sir.” Trump then hung up the phone.

If you recall, Comey found out about being fired from news reports and thought it was a joke at first. I guess Trump expected him to hitch back home. Then McCabe made the fatal mistake of not being completely subservient to Trump so Trump made it personal. Everything about Trump is just the worst. He’s garbage.