Trump Cancels London Visit Because Obama

Mr. Trump’s British critics responded with jeers, saying the president was afraid of the reception he would get in Britain.

From the NY Times:

Ed Miliband, the former Labour Party leader, responded to Mr. Trump’s announcement on Twitter, saying: “Nope. It’s because nobody wanted you to come. And you got the message.”

The old United States Embassy, in a historic square in the exclusive Mayfair neighborhood, was deemed to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The new one is in a former rail yard on the South Bank of the Thames. Mr. Trump blamed the Obama administration for the move, accusing it of selling the old embassy for “peanuts” in a “bad deal.”

But the move was actually initiated during the administration of President George W. Bush. “This has been a long and careful process,” Robert Tuttle, then the ambassador to Britain, said in October 2008.


  1. This from a man who added a trillion to the deficit with a massive tax cut,
    hardly a fiscal conservative.

    The new building is so secure, it even has a moat.

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