1. Yikes! … she’s like a female Rush Limbaugh, using quick fire lawyer-speak to appeal to the simple minded. Her tirade about how her entire argument about the election is “not for Roy Moore, it’s for the dignity! … the rights of the people of Alabama to have a true election!”… Oh please.

    She also says “by the way” about as much as Hannity says “literally”. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t have her own right wing radio show within weeks. Ugh.

  2. Oh boy, this is what happens when I can’t sleep… found them gem of an article written by this crazy lady, back in 2009, for Wing Nut Daily. In it, she passes along an email that she got from a friend of a friend, and it is just… I have no words. I was laughing out loud several times. She is unhinged.


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