Vanity Fair apologizes for Hillary Clinton video; Trump tweets attack

Yeah, it was a really idiotic video. But keep giving Trump more ammo:

Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue, not VF. But little things like facts don’t matter any longer.

Roy Moore Sues to Block Certification of Alabama Senate Election Results

He didn’t give up when he was accused by multiple women of sexually assaulting them when they were kids, you didn’t think he was just going to give up because the other guy got more votes than he did.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Roy S. Moore, the first Republican to lose a United States Senate race in Alabama in 25 years, moved late Wednesday to block state officials from certifying the victory of his Democratic rival on Thursday afternoon because of “systematic voter fraud.”

In a complaint filed in the circuit court here in Alabama’s capital, Mr. Moore’s campaign argued that such fraud had tainted the Dec. 12 special election, which Mr. Moore lost to Doug Jones by fewer than 22,000 votes, and that the Alabama authorities had inadequately investigated claims of misconduct.