I’m Even Older Than I Thought in the Previous Post

So, we didn’t get into Star Wars (see the earlier post to see what I mean) because they were all full. I think I could have reserved them online but this is the screen you get to reserve seats:

WTF does that mean? I don’t want to sit right in front of the screen. Are there three rows not pictured in front? Are there only 5 rows you can choose your seat? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO PLAY US OUT? FUCK IT! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking thing sucks.


  1. Rows A,B and C are part of the new “5D” movie going experience where they actually place you directly into the film…great for Star Wars…not so much for Jurassic Park.

  2. I wouldn’t want to sit in a packed theater anyway, at least not for a movie that attracts a lot of teenagers. Last time I did that was for the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean. So many were talking and yelling back and forth, we almost walked out. Never again.

  3. Looks like a small theater? Ours has the reserved seating for the whole theater – I use the Fandango app as it seems pretty good. We always get the middle seats in the back row (our theater map has another level behind what yours is showing) and all I end up doing is pulling up the ‘tickets’ on my phone and they scan them as we go in.

  4. Well I was nice and calm until I tried to post an image
    and got this: You must be logged in to upload an image.
    I am logged in…doofus machine…

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