• Great video. Without Marcia Lucas there wouldn’t have been Star Wars, but George probably won’t admit that.

  • Bullseye

    Star Wars is still bad, thought so in ’77, still do.
    I had some nostalgia for it nonetheless,
    but that was erased by Lucas’s revisionism.
    Little surprise Lucas wasn’t really a competent story teller,
    I don’t think Disney do any better,
    but bored parents and kids will still shell out.
    Meanwhile ‘Rendevous With Rama’ can’t get made.

  • ChrisN

    Check out the star wars: despecialized edition, if your in the mood to watch orignials again.

  • niel

    Same… too depressed, angry, etc. to discuss. But am enjoying this video you’ve posted.

  • Curious

    The editor for the new movie could have learned a lesson here.

  • Cornjob

    Never saw it. Any good? 😉