Congratulations to this Rich Prick for Getting a Bigly Tax Cut

Koch heir has his own business where he makes the ugliest shirts anybody has ever seen. But he’s doing fine. The worst thing that could happen to him is he lays off his employees, the factory in China making his shitty shirts finds another idiot son of a rich family to manufacture their dreams and he goes to sucking on the tits of the American working class.

The ultra wealthy should start paying attention to a little history. Perhaps start in 1789 France…


  1. The onion does these videos so well:
    the bright orange hair; the ludicrous product;
    the childish drawing; brilliant satire of evil Koch empire.

  2. Yeah, the beautiful blonde sitting next to him on the yacht is with him because he’s a snappy dresser. Sure. Seriously, those shirts would make the 80s vomit.

      1. Well, smack my head and call me Maudie! I did not know that…I thought they might do something like take you to the next comment or something.

        Thank you!

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