Fox News’ Jesse Watters Suggests We May Have Anti-Trump ‘Coup on Our Hands in America’

Mueller’s firing is imminent:

On Fox News last night, Jesse Watters suggested that there may be an anti-Trump “coup” going on.

Watters brought up the anti-Trump texts from Peter Strzok and another FBI agent, including the “insurance policy” wording, and concluded this is “smoking gun evidence” that agents investigating Trump believed it was their duty to protect the country from him:

“The investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign has been crooked from the jump. But the scary part is we may now have proof the investigation was weaponized to destroy his presidency for partisan political purposes and to disenfranchise millions of American voters. Now, if that’s true, we have a coup on our hands in America.”

And in case there was any ambiguity about whether this word choice was deliberate, this chyron appeared on screen during Watters’ interview with Kellyanne Conway:

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  1. Putin hasn’t the media power of Rupert Murdoch.
    Competition from internet giants led Murdoch to dismantle his empire,
    but keep Fox News, his TV propaganda arm,
    presumably because he doesn’t want its message diluted,
    by Disney or anyone else.
    Americans are being programmed by a foreign billionaire,
    just not the one they think.

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