Bernie Bros All Over Again

And for a reason why Republicans are able to elect horrible people every single time you just need to take a look at this article at Medium titled Doug Jones is a Terrible Candidate: A critique of Doug Jones from the left:

So, then, most would say, the choice is clear: vote for Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate running against him. Surely, he doesn’t have as terrible a history as Roy Moore? And they would be right! As of yet, Doug Jones has not been publicly accused of sexual assault, has not been removed from his post twice, and has had generally favorable things to say about LGBT inclusiveness. In fact, as he is oft to point out, he helped prosecute the KKK terrorists who, in 1963, bombed a Birmingham church, leading to the death of four young girls. These are all wonderful qualities, even if, excluding the prosecution of the KKK, they are things we would expect most good people to have.

The problem with Doug Jones is revealed not when you point out what he hasn’t done that Roy Moore has, but rather when you look at what Doug Jones says he plans to do, or, as is often the case, not do. At a time when the already abysmal American healthcare system is at threat of being outright gutted by congress, Doug Jones has repeatedly shied away from supporting Bernie Sanders’s Medicare For All plan, and has not backed single-payer healthcare (an immensely popular policy proposal) despite the fact that his very own website states that he believes “Health care is a right, not a privilege limited to the wealthy and those with jobs that provide coverage.” Jones has also shied away from dedicating himself to supporting a $15 livable wage, again, despite the fact that his own website says that he “strongly support[s] ensuring working Alabamians receive a living wage for their hard work.” And, in a time when the college debt crisis is racking up in the trillions of dollars, he has not endorsed any sort of tuition-free college education program, despite?—?and I know this is getting tiresome?—?his own website stating that “Providing a quality education to all children is the key to a long-term thriving economy.”

Sweet mother of zeus. You have two candidates available to vote for. One is fine with slavery, taking rights away from the LGBT community and every other person who is not an evangelical nut job and oh yeah, he likes to fuck children. The other is, gasp, a politician who doesn’t support every single view that you may love. BUT NEITHER DOES THE PEDOPHILE! This isn’t even a hard choice. I don’t even think this should be a hard choice for conservatives, let alone this idiot author who I’m guessing is extremely liberal.


  1. How does that glorified me-centric blog post get presented as an “article”? WTF, Medium?
    Who is this Alex Toocowardlytoincludeherlastname and under what imprimatur of authority does she claim to “critique” from “the left?”
    My blood pressure lowered a few points after reading the comments written by heads cooler than mine. Other readers aren’t having her whiny shit either.

  2. I was so angry at this “article” that my vision was blurry… thank you for, Chris, for succinctly putting into words my exact feelings when I all I wanted to do was punch a wall. These Bernie Bros are toxic and a disease on our voting process.

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