• Mike

    It’s basically a twist on an ice cream float, but I came up with it myself.
    Use whatever ingredients you want, but I use:
    Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt
    Diet Pepsi (or other carbonated drink), refrigerated
    • Put the ice cream or fro-yo in a bowl and use the spoon to chop in into 1″ chunks
    • Pour the drink over it, covering all parts until it’s about ¼ from the top of the ice cream.
    • Let it sit about 30 seconds
    How is this different from a traditional float? The soda will freeze on the surface of the ice cream, giving it a crunchy flavored shell. Also, since the soda is not as cold, it will soften the ice cream, making the ice cream chunks “crunchy with a soft center.” BONUS: the ice cream is sweet enough that you won’t even notice that it’s mixed with diet soda.

  • Ange Lynn Kaplan-Chambers

    home-made frozen banana ice cream. i usually keep a few bananas in the freezer so i put them in the blender with some almond milk and powdered protein shake stuff. Comes out great every time.

    • Ange Lynn Kaplan-Chambers

      i might do this tonight since the spouse is away.. mwahahahahahaaa!!

  • Sarah Rocklin

    I’ll probably sound like a college student…but either a grilled cheese sandwich (preferably with Swiss cheese…mmmmm….stretchy!) or a bowl of Ramen, with some extra veggies added.

  • Jon S

    My go to is still the microwave mug brownie. With chocolate chips. And occasionally peanut butter mixed in.

  • Bubbubsky

    Cheese and crackers. I love good cheese (smoked, especially). I love crackers. Combine them, and whammo! Instant gratification.
    …..followed by guilt.

  • Ben

    Beans, rice, cheese. Add some spices and garlic to taste. Microwave till hot. Top with jalapenos, salsa, or whatever you want.

    Also, Fruity Pebbles or Peanut Butter Crunch.