Trump’s Twitter Feed This Morning

So far this morning, Trump has retweeted three anti-Muslim propaganda videos from an ultra far right British group which even InfoWars thinks is crazy.

Was ecstatic about Matt Lauer being fired for sexual harassment despite his own shady past.

And implied that Joe Scarborough once murdered an intern.

Must be a major breaking story coming out later today.

Watch Thieves Hack Keyless Entry to Steal a Mercedes in Less Than a Minute

Isn’t technology wonderful? It makes life so much simpler for everybody. Thieves too!:

A new surveillance video from Birmingham, England shows two hackers exploiting keyless technology to steal a sleeping man’s Mercedes—in less time than it takes to order something off Seamless. Released by the West Midlands Police Department on Monday, authorities believe it to be the first footage of thieves attacking a car using relay boxes, devices that can be programmed to send signals through walls.

Called a “relay crime” by police, the heist is incredibly simple. Each hacker had one box. The first box, placed on the house’s exterior, picked up the signal from the owner’s key fob, sending it to the second box, placed right next to the Mercedes.

I Wasn’t Going to Post about Prince Harry’s Engagement

I just don’t care enough about the love lives of the royals to give it any thought. I would say that monarchs are an insane way to govern a country (and I know the British monarchy is mostly tradition and symbolic at this point) but it’s not like Democracy is really showing itself to be much smarter at the moment. See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

But this conspiracy theory that’s currently circling around the dimmer parts of the internet is just too good NOT to post about: