I Wasn’t Going to Post about Prince Harry’s Engagement

I just don’t care enough about the love lives of the royals to give it any thought. I would say that monarchs are an insane way to govern a country (and I know the British monarchy is mostly tradition and symbolic at this point) but it’s not like Democracy is really showing itself to be much smarter at the moment. See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

But this conspiracy theory that’s currently circling around the dimmer parts of the internet is just too good NOT to post about:


  1. Meghan Markle will become a UK subject, so the article’s wrong.
    I’d rather it was a republic, but flag waving idiots are in the majority for now.
    I think of the royals as victims of monarchy too, albeit richer than the rest of us
    and with better health care.

  2. I’m not a rabid royalty watcher though I have some pity for the lenses they all operate under. But I think Harry and Meghan’s engagement is fun and happy news at a time when there seems to be little of either. And the Royals can’t be all bad if they are welcoming into their family an American, bi-racial, divorcee. Perhaps Diana taught them all a little lesson.

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