1. I do enjoy the questions of the day…also the “recommend a book” posts.

    I read your blog faithfully…don’t always comment because sometimes what I would have to say is unprintable…but know that you are being read and enjoyed even if not every post garners comments.

    Maybe go back and see what sort of posts get the most comments?

  2. I’ve often thought I would use the hell out of a Cynical-C app. I’d like an icon on my phone screen that lets me know when you post, and then some easy-to-use, text-message-interface-y way to post comments.

    Also I’m not personally a fan of disqus (I’m an old man now and I don’t sign up for services or new accounts on things like this), so the extra steps in commenting as a guest sometimes make me feel my little remark isn’t worth it. Not too often, but sometimes I won’t post what I would have under the old comment system, just because the extra steps seem like a lot for a small comment.

    All that aside, I’m a Cynical-C lifer no matter what.

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