Garland man accidentally fatally shot in head while teaching son to shoot

I just will never understand this gun fascination.

The CCSO says the man has succumbed to his injuries. He’s been identified as 53-year-old Daniel Boor from Garland.

A father remains in the hospital after he was shot in the head by his 12-year-old son Friday afternoon.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office says the 53-year-old man was teaching his son how to shoot on a more than 10 acre private property in Bulverde when it happened. Deputies say it was an accident.

Many in the community are saddened by the news, but local gun expert Jaime Correa says it’s not unusual for kids to learn how to handle a gun at such an early age.


    1. Exactly my thought. This kind of story always mentions that the parent was teaching the child about gun use, safety, care, etc. What drives me insane is that the first thing that should be taught is that just being the presence of a gun puts you in more danger than you would be otherwise, and if the parent understood this, there wouldn’t have been a gun lesson in the first place, because there wouldn’t have been a gun in their lives. If you’re interested in safety, get a yappy little dog. If you want to put your family in more danger statistically, then by all means, get a gun, but then it’s firmly on your head when your kid has to live with the guilt of killing his parent. Rules about speaking ill of the dead are out the window. If this person weren’t so willfully ignorant, he could have saved his kid a lifetime of emotional trouble and a single-parent upbringing. So irresponsible, loads of sympathy for the kid, but loads of blame for the late parent.

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