• Mike

    That’s not Socialism. All he’s doing is teaching her to be selfish and resent those with less. In other words, training her to be a Trump.

    • Yep. They are just awful people all around.

  • Mike M

    Is the spelling mistake deliberate, or is he really uneducated?
    Presumably anyone who can’t walk gets no candy either…

  • dochsbox

    If that is half the candy she got then she’s not working hard enough. My kids got at least double that.

    I should give Chloe half our bucket, teach her the benefits of those better off assisting others to achieve equality.

  • Sarah Rocklin

    Hey, Dodo Jr, your kid got that candy through the kindness of others! How about explaining “sharing?”

    On the other hand…a Trump getting hand-outs from strangers and considering them “earnings?” Yeah, I can believe that.