Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to making a false statement to federal investigators.

Trump is not having a bigly day.

From FiveThirtyEight:

The Papadopoulos news changes my sense of the Manafort/Gates indictment. Especially since, as Perry said, it didn’t necessarily have to be released today.

That it was released today could be read as a “tell” from Mueller — a reminder to reporters, the White House, and everyone else interested in the story that the focus of his investigation ultimately is on Trump/Russia collusion. And that Mueller is looking for different ways into the case. On the one hand, you have a peripheral figure (Papadopoulos) who seems to be really, really interested in engineering collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. On the other hand, you have a major figure (Manafort) who’s up to a lot of shady, Russia-related stuff, but there’s been no allegation of collusion yet. So there are some interesting ingredients — but maybe they haven’t congealed into anything quite yet.


  1. Papadopoulos’ admission of “lying to federal investigators” is much less interesting that what he lied about – which was that he personally met (colluded) with Russians as an envoy to the Trump campaign. OUCH!

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