• Trish Fitzsimmons

    Hola, Lola! And three cheers for distractions from fuckery. My favorite distraction is Betsy.


    I’ve had her just over four months. She’s two years old and the noisiest cat I’ve ever known. She’s awesome.

    • OMG she’s gorgeous!

      • Trish Fitzsimmons


  • Sarah Rocklin

    Welcome, Lola! What a cutie. I’ve been thinking about her all week, wondering how she was settling in.

    • She’s gone from gingerly sniffing around to throwing her entire body into a leap without looking to see where she’s going.

      • Sarah Rocklin

        Huh. Duncan’s about 14 and he still takes forever to make up his mind about jumping…such a cautious cat!

  • Klaatu

    Awwww….so cute!

  • Patrick

    Ermergerd. If you ever need a cat-sitter…