Sen. Corker says Trump is an Untruthful President

I’d bet a lot of money that everybody in the Senate and the House, behind close doors at least, believes exactly what Corker is saying here but the GOP is just too damn cowardly and power hungry to outright say this. And this is why Trump is emboldened to do anything and say anything he wants. The only GOP politicians who are saying anything are the ones not seeking another term. Corker supported Trump like all the rest until a few weeks ago when Trump picked a fight with him. They are all complicit in bringing Trump to power. Every, single, one.


  1. You know…fine…fine…you’re not running for re-election so now you can say this. Where were you two years ago when most of us knew Trump was a liar, a narcissist, and unstable? Why did you not say anything then? I have no respect for your truth-telling now.

  2. Sebastian Gorka was on BBC today with a different take.
    He said illegal immigration is down over 70% on US borders,
    the stock market is soaring and Corker couldn’t get elected.
    Will Trump get re-elected on those figures alone?

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