Ramblings on Mueller’s Investigation

James left this in the comments yesterday:

Glad to see you note that it may actually be 7 years of this. I see way too many people fully confident that Mueller is going to save us all and we’re going to kick Trump out in the next year. I don’t share their faith. The system that gave us Trump in the first place could very well keep him there for two terms.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to some conceivable outcomes of the Mueller investigation.

Best case scenario (and I mean fantastical best case):
Mueller concludes the investigation, holds an immediate press conference, calls for an emergency hearing and issues arrest warrants for Trump & Co. (I don’t think this is even legally feasible but a guy can dream)

Worst case scenario:
Mueller concludes that there was some inappropriate contact between the campaign but nothing conclusive that can be used to hold Trump accountable. The remaining details are quietly taken care of over the next few years of Trump’s reign with just enough noise to give us hope but nothing ever comes out of it as Trump pushes us into war with whatever country is annoying him on that given day. I think there’s way too much smoke for this scenario but who knows.

2nd worst case:
Trump fires Mueller. Republicans are troubled but have to concentrate on tax reform and finding another way of killing Obamacare.

I can think of more worst case scenarios(and worst case scenario is that smug lying sack of shit getting away with stealing an election, and I firmly believe he did) than I can best case scenarios. The most likely outcome in my mind is that Mueller finds a mountain of evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, several members of the campaign are charged and probably get prison time but there’s enough insulation between Trump to keep him in office.

Even if Mueller finds ties directly to Trump with Russia, I still don’t think there will be enough members of the GOP to support impeachment. Trump has been a one man wrecking ball where he just swings in whatever direction he feels like during that particular day and we just gripe about the destruction with nobody at the controls to stop it. Mueller is going to need the most airtight case we have ever seen in order to stop Trump. And even then, I’m not sure it’s possible.