1. i don’t like beer or wine at all. I don’t get the joke where ladies stay home on the couch drinking glasses of wine to feel good about themselves or have it as an accessory while bitching about the world in movies and TV shows.

    I hate most mainstream superhero movies, and have consistently hated them since Spiderman in 2001. The Avengers are boring and annoying. I actually hate most mainstream movies because they bore the shit out of me. But I loved Bird Man so much that I’m pissed off Michael Keaton didn’t get more recognition from it.

  2. I don’t care for David Cross– his stand-up, acting, writing, etc. I was a big Arrested Development fan, but I thought Tobias Funke was the weakest character. Not saying I hate him, but I don’t get why anyone ranks him above mediocre.

  3. Metallica is the most overrated band of the 20th century.
    Every Tyler Perry movie reminds me of the family dinner scenes from the newer Nutty Professor movie (the one with Eddie Murphy)
    Owning a dog isn’t worth the trouble.

  4. I’m over memes already
    Fashion is over rated: Suits are just disguises and to me don’t usually look that great anyway. Ties are only good for getting caught in machinery and strangling you
    A good wine is one YOU like the taste and price of (and nothing else matters).
    Non stop action + super hero movies suck. Boring and with action sequences that are so damn loud yet you struggle to hear dialog.

  5. I don’t get the success of Star Wars: the trivial incest, ludicrous racism, banal politics, bad scripts, vacuous escapism for people ignorant of what a parsec is.

    I thought so in ’77, I still think so.
    Few of my other opinions have lasted that long, but then I liked John Carter.

  6. I have zero interest in sports. I’m mystified by most folks’ reaction to this revelation. My 70-year-old neighbor across the street will talk a stranger’s ear off about about the joys of being bi and poly, but I am the neighborhood oddball because I couldn’t give a shit about Broncos v. Cowboys.
    “Pumpkin Spice” anything tastes like sugared butthole. (Actual pumpkin pie is of course delicious.)
    Being childless is the best decision I ever made.

  7. Painted words or plaques with sayings on walls are done to death. Coloring books for adults are really dull. I don’t like beer either. And watching sports makes me restless- I can’t sit and watch others exercise.

  8. Sports are boring.
    Rap and hip-hop is just noise with a beat.
    Fashion is just a way to separate the gullible from their money.
    Most graphic novels are a waste of paper.

  9. I’ll have to say ditto on the beer and sports thing. Especially sports. People at work that don’t know me well will sometimes start a conversation with, “could you believe that triple play last night?” And every January, it’s, “hey, who’s gonna win the Superbowl?” To which I’ll answer, “I dunno… who’s playing?”

  10. I always thought the original Batman TV show (that was “campy”) was horrible and painful to watch. For me, the campiness never worked and the jokes never worked. It was like a TV show designed to appeal to morons.

    Rap. Don’t get me started. I have no idea how people can listen to that. When you take away melody and just pile trash rhymes atop trash rhymes, what do you have left?

    Disco. There are maybe 20 decent disco hits and everything else sounds the same. It’s still better than rap. Hell, a root canal is better than rap. As far as that goes, I love the pre-Disco Bee Gees–they had some great songs with great lyrics.

    I really have found little to like by Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel since their breakup.

    The original TV Superman show had its moments. NONE of the Superman movies that have followed have appealed to me.

    I think the opioid crisis is overblown and possibly a trick by big pharma to get people to pay big bucks for the newer NSAIDs (that hardly work) instead of $5 for 20 Percocet or Vicodin. Perhaps I’m wrong here, but that’s my opinion. And the net result is that people who have intractable chronic pain damn near need an Act of Congress to get decent relief, i.e., Rx’s for opioids.

    I think “String Theory” should be called “String Conjecture” until evidence actually exists that allows for it to attain the rank of “theory,” thank you very much.

    Ah well, ’nuff for now.

  11. Agreed beer is just not worth it. You don’t get much more than buzzed, it expands in your stomach, tastes gross and the carbs are insane.

    Don’t like violent movies or television, and don’t know why everyone is calling this a “renaissance” for television shows when clearly the formula is, “How can we shock people with violence?” If that’s your only idea, you’re not a good writer.

    Uber is just the worst. Cab drivers had to pay for those medallions. That’s why they charge more. Just ducking the rules is cheating.

    Selfies are a scourge. I wouldn’t want to be a teenage girl right now and this is definitely a step backward.

    Most history books could be about a third as long.

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