A Puerto Rican Redditor Responds to Trump

From this thread:

As a Puertorican living trough this, Fuck you trump.

First he comes here in the fucking presidential plane with all the commodities one could think off and instead of going to most affected area he goes to a rich neighborhood and trows fucking papers towels like its a fucking concert.

Our lives right now consist in planing trips to get water, since theres no running water in our homes. We’re pitch black at night, at the mercy of thieves and people with bad thoughts since theres no electricity or cell phone signal. So if something happens to you though luck.

So far 10 people have died from drinking river water, its a dam shame that 3.5 million Americans don’t have access to drinking water, let get this straight: Americans are dead because that dint have access to clean drinking water, like in 3rd world countries. This on the American government, they could invade the island in the 1800s, they can invade the fucking Middle East like its nobody’s business but they can’t help fellow Americans get drinking water.

Supermarkets have hour long lines and we you get in its almost empty, theres only rice and canned food. Im not complaining, it’s something to eat, but seeing this orange clown saying he’s going to pull FEMA when theres nearly no food on the supermarkets its hearth breaking.

Just yesterday I caught my neighbors crying because they lost their roof since Maria, FEMA tarps are nowhere to be seen and what little they had left got wet again, for the 4th time since the hurricane. I had to give them shelter since they had nowhere dry to stay.

Theres still people with no communication with the outside world because of road collapses, this means no access to food, clean water, meds, first aid, doctors, pampers, formula. They’re on their own if FEMA pulls out.

Fuck Trump, you’re a disgrace to America, you come here say having 16 dead is something to be proud about, say the budget is out whack and trow paper towel like its a fucking festival and everything is ok, the deed is done. He gave aid! HE GAVE FUCKING PAPER TOWELS SO PACK UP BOYS THE JOB IS DONE! MAGA!

Also! He dedicated his trophy to us! I feel so good! I might no have drinking water next week but I have a trophy dedication!

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  1. This should not be happening anywhere, but it’s twice the shame when resources to solve much of the tragedy are available, but not utilized. Trump is making Katrina look like a block party.

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