1. There’s a local swimming hole here called Hamilton Pool which is tough to visit because the parks department only let’s a certain number of people in at a time. It’s a way of controlling any environmental impact humans may have on the water and the surrounding area. To get in you have to buy tickets way in advance and it may not even be open to the public due to bacteria level issues with the water, which is fed by an underground spring. It’s an insanely gorgeous place to spend a few hours because it’s literally a hidden swimming hole with a waterfall to hang out under. If I had one day of Staycation I would spend it there.

  2. Giving my car a full detail. I actually do this each spring.
    1: wash it with dish soap to remove all the wax
    2: clay bar to remove excess contaminants from the paint and glass.
    3:Use an electric polisher to smooth any of the nearly invisible scratches in the clear coat
    4: apply 2 coats of sealant
    5: apply 2 coats of wax
    6: apply 2 coats of Blacklight detail coating
    That’s about 30 hours spread out over 3 or 4 days. It’s a PITA, but the reward of a showroom quality appearance is worth it. When it’s done, the finish is smooth as glass and slick as an eel!

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