Pastor Jeffress Against DACA: ‘God Is Not Necessarily An Open Borders Guy’

This is actually kind of true. God spends most of the bible drowning, starving, and finding other means to kill a good portion of the population, especially those against “his” people. The argument that Pastor Jeffress is making is actually against the belief that his god is kind and just. And I agree with him on that. Let’s turn our backs on that make-believe monster and open our arms to the dreamers, immigrants and refugees who want to make the US their home.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a rabid Trump supporter, defended Donald Trump ending DACA telling “Fox and Friends” that “God is not necessarily an open borders guy.”

See, Jeffress, as a white, male, 61-year-old Southern Baptist Republican, has all the qualifications necessary to speak for God on immigration.

If Trump contradicted God, you know that Jeffress would then say that God had made an uncharacteristic mistake.

However, “Fox and Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt and their producers hysterically thought Jeffress had been part of the group who signed onto a letter sent to Speaker by the ‘Evangelical Immigration Table’ which demanded they save DACA, not end it.

Anything that says “Evangelical” – Fox News must believe are hard right Trump supporters.

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  1. Very much the Medieval view,
    where obscene violence was part of the unfathomable ‘plan’.
    For my part I see the whole idea as an obscenity.

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