NRA TV Host Worries That Media Calling Guns Weapons Stigmatizes Them

Good point. Let’s call them murder pencils:

The NRA and NRA TV hosts have way too much time on their hands these days. Now that there’s no Black president, they have to find other outrages to keep their audience afraid and angry.

Today’s comes from Grant Stinchfield, wingnut host over at NRA TV, which is basically online video rants posted to their own channel in order to pretend they’re legit. His gripe? Media use the term “weapon” to describe guns, which apparently stigmatizes the poor thangs and suggests media bias.

“But it’s their use of the word weapon that has me bewildered,” Stinchfield whined. “The reporter uses ‘weapons’ in place of firearms or guns so many times, it just becomes bizarre,” he continued, referring to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I firmly believe she uses the phrase weapons over firearms in an effort to scare the uninformed,” he declared.


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