White House: ESPN anchor that called Trump racist should be fired

From TheHill.com:

An ESPN anchor who called President Trump a white supremacist should be fired, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

“That is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make and certainly is something that is a fireable offense by ESPN,” Sanders said.

ESPN has reprimanded Jemele Hill, an African-American woman who co-hosts a show called “SC6 with Michael and Jemele,” for a string of tweets sent out over the weekend calling Trump and his supporters white supremacists.

Pharma Douche jailed after Facebook post about Hillary Clinton

Couldn’t have happened to a douchier person:

NEW YORK — A federal judge on Wednesday revoked the $5 million bail of Martin Shkreli, the infamous former hedge fund manager convicted of defrauding investors, after prosecutors complained that his out-of-court antics posed a danger to the community.

While awaiting sentencing, Shkreli has harassed women online, prosecutors argued, and even offered his Facebook followers $5,000 to grab a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair during her book tour. Shkreli, who faces up to 20 years in prison, apologized saying that he did not expect anyone to take his online comments seriously.

“He does not need to apologize to me. He should have apologized to the government, the Secret Service, and Hillary Clinton,” said U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, in revoking his bond.

NRA TV Host Worries That Media Calling Guns Weapons Stigmatizes Them

Good point. Let’s call them murder pencils:

The NRA and NRA TV hosts have way too much time on their hands these days. Now that there’s no Black president, they have to find other outrages to keep their audience afraid and angry.

Today’s comes from Grant Stinchfield, wingnut host over at NRA TV, which is basically online video rants posted to their own channel in order to pretend they’re legit. His gripe? Media use the term “weapon” to describe guns, which apparently stigmatizes the poor thangs and suggests media bias.

“But it’s their use of the word weapon that has me bewildered,” Stinchfield whined. “The reporter uses ‘weapons’ in place of firearms or guns so many times, it just becomes bizarre,” he continued, referring to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I firmly believe she uses the phrase weapons over firearms in an effort to scare the uninformed,” he declared.

Pastor Jeffress Against DACA: ‘God Is Not Necessarily An Open Borders Guy’

This is actually kind of true. God spends most of the bible drowning, starving, and finding other means to kill a good portion of the population, especially those against “his” people. The argument that Pastor Jeffress is making is actually against the belief that his god is kind and just. And I agree with him on that. Let’s turn our backs on that make-believe monster and open our arms to the dreamers, immigrants and refugees who want to make the US their home.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a rabid Trump supporter, defended Donald Trump ending DACA telling “Fox and Friends” that “God is not necessarily an open borders guy.”

See, Jeffress, as a white, male, 61-year-old Southern Baptist Republican, has all the qualifications necessary to speak for God on immigration.

If Trump contradicted God, you know that Jeffress would then say that God had made an uncharacteristic mistake.

However, “Fox and Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt and their producers hysterically thought Jeffress had been part of the group who signed onto a letter sent to Speaker by the ‘Evangelical Immigration Table’ which demanded they save DACA, not end it.

Anything that says “Evangelical” – Fox News must believe are hard right Trump supporters.

iPhone X (parody)

The iPhone keeps going up in price. I love my iPhone. I think I have an iPhone 5s at this point. I’m not in a hurry to upgrade and will have to start thinking about ditching it for an android phone if the prices keep rising like this. A phone shouldn’t cost the same price as a laptop.